INSTANT EXHIBITION FOR POLAROID Nowadays, a Polaroid may no longer be the most instant way to share a memory with friends, but the magic and preciousness remain unchanged. Polaroids have always been fascinating but have lost relevance in the digital transformation of photography. Working with fine lines on this project, we have developed this concept led by skateboarding to bring back the instant film as a medium to capture real life and express creativity in the age of the iPhone Camera, Instagram and TikTok.
Traditional skate(-action) photography is more about the perfect moment but there are also a lot of stories to tell before and after that very brief moment. For many skaters, these moments are what skateboarding is about and it absolutely doesn’t matter if captured perfectly sharp or not. 

As part of this culture driven strategy, we gave out special Polaroid cameras designed by the 1Up crew to a hand-full of skaters and photographers before the week-long Copenhagen Open skateboard festival. On the final day of the event, we presented the most memorable moments captured through the lens of the skate community.

Services: Concept, creative direction & event production